Trees Allentown

Trees in the Delaware River Watershed

Farm Arts Collective braved another winter storm in order to bring its performance of TREES to the winter gathering of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative on Tuesday, February 12, 2019. Members of the multi-state environmentalist and conservation consortium met at Bear Creek Mountain Resort near Allentown, PA.

As part of the event, twelve members of the Farm Arts Collective performed their performance of TREES, a stilt theatre performance that draws parallels to trees’ deep and elegant connections and the structures and need for community amongst human beings.

Directed by Tannis Kowalchuk, TREES uses text from Peter Wohlleben’s, The Hidden Life of Trees, along with live music, song, and stilt walking. Farm Arts Collective created the play in co-production with NACL Theatre last year and continues to perform the play at events across the region.