Stone Soup Cooking Class – New Live Show

Stone Soup Cooking Class is Farm Arts Collective’s newest performance. The live, theatrical cooking show is written and performed by Tannis Kowalchuk and Jess Beveridge, and directed by Daniel Lendzian. The performance is designed for an all ages audience and features original songs including Kowalchuk’s “Ode to the Cabbage,” a re-telling of the folk tale Stone Soup, and four recipes cooked live featuring farm fresh vegetables.


If your not seeing a video above click here for a Taste of the Show!

“With a sprinkle of song, dance, and plenty of chop, slice, and dice, audiences learn how to turn farm fresh vegetables into delicious meals. Two perfarmers cook up seasonal dishes while cleverly enacting the folk tale of Stone Soup. As we learn how a farmer grows nutritious vegetables from seeds, how cultures around the world prepare versatile, scrumptious cabbage, the room begins to fill with the savory aromas of a meal we will all share.” Young adult novelist, Wendy Townsend

Stone Soup Cooking Class will begin touring in 2019, and is available for bookings ( The performance was developed and created with support from Sullivan Renaissance Healthy Communities grant and premiered at Hurleyville Arts Centre in November 2019.

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