Project Farm Days

Farm Days

Monthly workshops that focus on farming, food, and ecology. Led by professionals and self-taught experts in their field, Farm Days workshops are open to all community members and take place at the Farm Arts Collective greenhouse. 

Farm Days workshops focus on topics such as herbology, plant propagation, local farming history, soil management, food preservation, and cooking. Some off-site, field-trip workshops may occur.  Workshops include farm fresh refreshments.

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Thursday Evening Workshops

Farm Arts Collective offers free collaborative performance workshops every Thursday evening.

Topics include: performance, music, stilt-walking, video, writing, design, visual art, puppetry, and production management. Some workshops will feature guest artists who will share their expertise and skills.

Workshops run from January to April at the Narrowsburg Union, and continue at The Farm Arts Collective greenhouse for the remainder of the year.

Attend one workshop or attend them all! Updates on the workshops can be found on our Instagram, Facebook and on the site calendar.

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Performance Projects

Shakespeare on the Farm

AUGUST 3, 4, & 10, 11 at 6:30pm

Shakespeare on the Farm

Shakespeare on the Farm was the inaugural performance project at Farm Arts Collective in 2019. 

Led by Titania (Queen of the Fairies, Midsummer Night's Dream) the experimental performance in the form of a walking tour, holds a mirror to nature drawing parallels between agrarian ecology and humanity's struggles and triumphs. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear, Puck, and Ophelia make appearances in the throws of love, murder, betrayal, and death.

Directed by Tannis Kowalchuk and Mimi McGurl; Text by William Shakespeare and Melissa Bell; Music by Doug Rogers and Rima Fand; Costumes by Karen Flood; Production Design Sue Currier.

Stone Soup Cooking Class


Stone Soup Cooking Class is a live cooking demonstration and musical performance created and performed by company members Jess Beveridge and Tannis Kowalchuk, with direction from Daniel Lendzian.

Join farmer, actress, and cook, Tannis Kowalchuk and her assistant, Jess Beveridge for a song-filled cooking class that explores the origins of cooking, family recipes, food facts, and the joy of cooking seasonal vegetables and healthy regional food. This is an all ages performance.

Stone Soup Cooking Class was developed with support from Sullivan Renaissance, and individual donors. The premiere performance is produced by the Hurleyville Arts Centre.


Stone Soup Poster #2 Edited 1

Processions & Parades

(Available for Booking)

Project Processions

The Farm Arts Collective Ensemble of stilt walkers, drummers, musicians large puppets, and actors is available to perform in parades and at community events bringing colorful and dynamic performing arts and street culture to regional street fairs, parks, festivals and events.

Commissions and bookings available.

Touring Performances

(Available for Booking)

El Viento

A musical street theatre performance about borders, immigration, and new arrivals.

Performed by the Farm Arts Collective ensemble, with stilt walking, live music, visually stunning costumes and puppets, the troupe explores the immigrant experience crossing borders, leaving hardship, and building a new life. Using broad humor and engaging touching text, “El Viento” ends on a positive and beautiful note.

10 Minutes in length.

Co-Produced by NACL Theatre.

Projects Street Theatre


An outdoor theatre performance performed by the Farm Arts Collective ensemble of stilt walkers, actors, and musicians.

The performance text is based on scientific information found in the book, The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben, and draws parallels between a functioning forest and the needs human beings also have to co-exist in dynamic communities.

15 minutes in length.

Co-produced by NACL Theatre.

Out of Mind

A hybrid lecture-performance that explores the neuroscience of depression.

Out of Mind is a fusion of experimental theatre and experimental neuroscience developed and presented by neuroscientist Allison Waters, PhD, and theatre artist Tannis Kowalchuk. The project draws on tools of inquiry from both fields to investigate how the brain constructs emotion in depression and wellness. The performance-lecture presents rationale, methods and results of a laboratory study that measured the brain of an actress as she embodied extreme emotional states. This research takes as its premise evidence that emotion is not solely triggered in the brain but constructed through the integration of bodily experience and language. Results instruct the design of neurotechnologies to treat depression. Out of Mind reflects a reciprocal exchange between scientist and artist: the creation of a conference presentation that disrupts the lecture format with creative elements from theatre arts. In doing so, the piece comments on the process of discovery as well as highlights a relational context that is rarely acknowledged in conventional scientific discourse. In both theatre and scientific laboratories, Out of Mind has been in development for three years. It is supported by funding from the Ensemble Studio Theatre / Sloan New Play Development Fund. Works-in-progress have been produced at Hurleyville Arts Centre, NACL Theatre, and at The Delaware Valley Arts Alliance. The scientific research project is on-going at the Center for Advanced Circuit Therapeutics, Icahn School of Medicine (NY, NY).

Out of Mind