Farm Arts Collective is an Agri-Cultural hub where art and performance intersect with agrarian and ecological ideas. We focus on four pillars of life sustaining practices: Farming, Theatre, Food and Ecology.

Farm Arts Collective makes its home in a large greenhouse centrally located at our home, Willow Wisp Organic Farm, a solar-powered organic vegetable farm serving northeast Pennsylvania, the Catskills, and New York City.

The Farm Arts Collective presents workshops, performance, meals, and special events that engage community members in education and creative practice that deepens connection to place and each other. Farm Arts Collective is a member of Network of Ensemble Theaters, Theatre Communications Group, and Alliance of Resident Theatres /NY.

Mission Farming

Soil health, biodiversity, and crop diversity is maximized in organic farming, while protecting our natural resources for seven generations.

Farming programs at Farm Arts Collective promote and expand this knowledge through engaging workshops that serve the expanding local community of farmers, homesteaders, gardeners, and beginners.

Original devised theatre performance is the artistic mainstay at Farm Arts Collective, with ongoing workshops, rehearsals, and public performances.

Artistic director Tannis Kowalchuk leads the Farm Arts Collective ensemble of performers, designers, stilt-walkers, designers, in projects that address important contemporary issues.

Farm Arts Collective productions are spectacular indoor and outdoor works presented on site and often tour regionally.

Current productions include Dream on the Farm, Stone Soup Cooking Class, and  Decompositions (in development).


Pucks Enchantment
Mission Food

Farm fresh healthy food is ever-present at Farm Arts Collective.

Seasonal meals are served after performances; workshops in cooking, fermenting, and preserving, are offered monthly; and unique seasonal food experiences take place year round.

Food—the growing, the cooking, the understanding converge in convivial meals that unite us around the dinner table.



The health and sustainability of our environment and the best practices to live in harmony with our land and water is ever-present at Farm Arts Collective.

Whether it is a seed saving demonstration, a mushroom hunt, or a renewable energy workshop, the relationships between plants, animals, people and their environment defines the inquiry and activities.




Mission Ecology

Community Engagement

Diverse programming for a diverse community defines the activities at Farm Arts Collective. Through skill exchange and creative community building, we achieve the core mission to be a nexus for farming, art, food, and ecology.

Farm Arts Collective invites people to connect with each other, to share unique skills, to foster learning through workshops and to drive creative inter-disciplinary projects. Like trees in a forest, our interdependence is our strength.

Farm Arts Collective is a dream come true.

It is an opportunity to combine what I love to do most: farm, create powerful theatre, cook, eat, and connect with my community. Farm Arts Collective is a remarkable opportunity to provide nourishment on so many levels (artistically, physically, spiritually) as we work on unique projects and learn from one another.

Tannis Kowalchuk, Artistic Director