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Dream on the Farm August 2021

The Farm Arts Collective Ensemble presents Dream on the Farm on August 4-8 at Willow Wisp Organic Farm.  

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A live, in-person site specific performance event held out doors on Willow Wisp Organic Farm. The annual eco-drama is created and performed by Farm Arts Collective and incorporates live music, stilt walking, and dynamic physical performance exploring  human-nature relationships in the face of climate change.   

The performance is designed for an all-ages audience and invites spectators to walk the 25 acre farm (wear your farm boots). This year’s performance begins in a boxing ring where two famous scientists, astronomer Carl Sagan and microbiologist, Lynn Margulis return to planet earth to engage in a series of matches to help humanity save life on earth.

The performance features the Farm Arts Collective ensemble of performers, with live original music by Doug Rogers and Rima Fand, text by the ensemble, Melissa Bell, Manon Manavit and Hudson Williams-Eynon, dramaturgy and co-direction by Mimi McGurl, and directed by Tannis Kowalchuk.