NEW PERFORMANCE! Flower to the Power of Two

Tannis and Jess have created a new performance for virtual and live installation at museums, galleries, and arts centers. These two Farm Arts Collective perfarmers present a 10 minute performance art installation of projected images of the flowers that they grow on Willow Wisp Organic Farm.  Along with an audio recording description of the flowers, their botanical classifications, origins, and uses medicinally and as cut flowers on the farm, the actresses dancing inside the projections and animate the flowers, creating a mesmerizing and powerful series of living pictures. The performance premieres at Art in Bloom at the Everhart Museum on March 26 and will be presented this summer as part of Mimi McGurl’s lecture Queer Plants and Gardens, set to appear at Hurleyville Performing Arts Center, Catskill Arts Society, and at Farm Arts Collective for Pride month.

Click here to watch Flower to the Power of Two on our Vimeo page

Click here to view the full Art in Bloom event at the Everhart Museum