Gobo and Carrot Saute

Burdock (Gobo) and Carrot Saute

Ingredients: 4 medium burdock roots or 2 large, 1 bunch baby carrots, 1 bunch chives, soya sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil.

Cooking: Chop burdock (scrape skin with knife you don’t need to peel) and carrots into match sticks or as close as you can get. In sauté pan pour in sesame or canola oil to sauté. Add burdock and cook 5 minutes. Add carrots, rice wine vinegar and soya sauce to taste. Stop when veg is cooked but still firm, add chopped chives.

Health Benefits of Burdock: Lovers blood pressure, expands blood vessels reducing heart attack and stroke, brings down diabetes risk, anti-inflammatory for stomach, cleans blood.