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Lettuce Salad with Seared Scallions

Lettuce and scallion salad

Ingredients: 2 Heads Lettuce, 1 bunch scallions, sweet balsamic vinegar Cooking: Wash lettuce leaves, tear leaves gently into a bowl. Chop off half the greens of the scallions and reserve to chop small into salad or for something else. Saute the scallions heads (you left some green on when you cut it) with oil and…

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Parsnip Saute in White Wine


Ingredients: Freshly dug parsnips (from Willow Wisp Organic Farm), fresh tarragon, onion, butter, white wine. Prep: Wash and cut up parsnips in lengths, saute 1/4 of an onion in lots of butter in pan, add parsnips, add a few glugs of white wine, salt and simmer.Cook 10 minutes until done but still nice a firm,…

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What we’re reading: The New Farmer’s Almanac

The New Farmers Almanac

The publisher’s description says it all: “There are folk stories, reports on the racialized distribution of farmland, recipes for hickory nut milk and foraged teas. Toolboxes for seed-saving, indigenous land repatriation, and creating liberated space. Advice from old-timers and insights from the new. Meditations on failure, loved crops, and the wisdom of farm dogs. Here…

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What we’re reading: Cooked by Michael Pollan

Cooked By Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan said “Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. And we nourish all those things when we eat well.” Does your neighbor make the best pies you’ve ever eaten? Are you willing to share your grandmother’s secret perogies technique? We’re building our schedule now…

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Lenape Nation Mid-Winter Gathering and Ceremony

Lenape TREES performance

Damascus, PA—Farm Arts Collective, a newly formed cultural organization based on Willow Wisp Organic Farm attended the Mid-Winter Ceremony of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania on Sunday. January 27th in Brodheadsville, PA. The Farm Arts Collective ensemble performed a short play entitled TREES, a performance based on the book, “The Hidden Life of Trees,” by…

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Burdock (Gobo) and Carrot Saute

Gobo and Carrot Saute

Ingredients: 4 medium burdock roots or 2 large, 1 bunch baby carrots, 1 bunch chives, soya sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil. Cooking: Chop burdock (scrape skin with knife you don’t need to peel) and carrots into match sticks or as close as you can get. In sauté pan pour in sesame or canola oil…

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Madrigal Choir Rehearsals Begin

Madrigal Choir Rehearsals

The Farm Arts Collective Madrigal Choir meets every Saturday afternoon and welcomes singers to join the choir and perform in community events and in Shakespeare on the Farm at Willow Wisp Organic Farm in August. The music will be comprised of multi-part madrigals, and some fun random world folk music. Reading sheet music is a…

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Thursday Night Workshops Begin at The Narrowsburg Union


Farm Arts Collective offers free collaborative performance workshops every Thursday evening from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Topics include: performance, music, stilt-walking, video, writing, design, visual art, puppetry, and production management. Specific workshops feature a guest artist sharing their expertise. Attend one workshop or attend them all! Updates on the workshops can be found on our Instagram,…

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Roasted Parsnips with Tarragon


Ingredients: Parsnips and 1 bunch Tarragon Cooking: Clean and cut up parsnips with skin on, toss in olive oil and salt. Bake at 375 uncovered until golden brown. At end toss with tarragon and some vinegar or lemon juice and serve at room temperature. Health Benefits of Parsnips: major mineral source (potassium), antioxidants, lowers cholesterol.…

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Teaching Artists in The Eldred School District


For 6 weeks, Artistic Director, Tannis Kowalchuk and Production Manager and ensemble member, Jess Beveridge brought theatre to the Eldred School District. Using theatre techniques, Tannis and Jess were able to engage the students and teach them the basics of play making while following their current curriculum. For information on bringing these teaching artists to…

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