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Parsnip Saute in White Wine


Ingredients: Freshly dug parsnips (from Willow Wisp Organic Farm), fresh tarragon, onion, butter, white wine. Prep: Wash and cut up parsnips in lengths, saute 1/4 of an onion in lots of butter in pan, add parsnips, add a few glugs of white wine, salt and simmer.Cook 10 minutes until done but still nice a firm,…

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What we’re reading: The New Farmer’s Almanac

The New Farmers Almanac

The publisher’s description says it all: “There are folk stories, reports on the racialized distribution of farmland, recipes for hickory nut milk and foraged teas. Toolboxes for seed-saving, indigenous land repatriation, and creating liberated space. Advice from old-timers and insights from the new. Meditations on failure, loved crops, and the wisdom of farm dogs. Here…

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